When you buy an air compressor, you need the appropriate supporting accessories to get the most out of it. The Campbell Hausfeld MP2847 17-Piece Accessory Kit is designed to enable the compressor to work more effectively.

Campbell Hausfeld MP2847

Campbell Hausfeld MP2847

Most air compressors are bought with only the most fundamental pieces for common use. This can be a big inconvenience when there is a wide variety of tasks that require different connectors, couplers or even plugs.

This kit has been designed to cover all these needs and create a better experience for compressor users.

Blow Gun

A lot of people will purchase an air compressor to handle their cleaning needs. With the blowgun, this exercise is now much easier to carry out. It is appropriate for use in dusting as well as drying.

It also has a nice design to help the user get a nice grip while working. The nozzle is also modeled to create the best airflow for working on a selection of surfaces or dusting out equipment.

Male and Female Plugs

Having different plugs to use with a compressor can make home renovations much easier. The plugs in Campbell Hausfeld MP2847 17-Piece Accessory Kit are modeled at a 1/4 inch in size. This is compatible with many air compressors and pneumatic pools.

With both the male and female plugs, this kit is very handy. The functionality is further enhanced with six different pieces of plugs such that the user will not lack a compatible one during work sessions.

Four of these are male and two are female. Moreover, they have been created for durability and forged specially for sturdiness.

Other Accessories

There are other pieces in the kit that ease the use of air compressors in inflation tasks. The majority of users mainly use these items to monitor their tires and ensure that the pressure is right.

These items include an inflation needle and adapter. There is a tire gauge that enables one to check the pressure. There is also an air chuck and two nozzles to further enhance the air compression capabilities

Pros of the Campbell Hausfeld MP2847

  • The couplers and plugs are designed to fit in with most pneumatic equipment.
  • The pieces in the kit have been designed for extended durability for longer efficient service.
  • Inflation has been made easier with the accessories contained in the product.
  • The blowgun makes air cleaning much easier.
  • The kit is affordable and is still of high quality.
  • It comes with a one year warranty.

Customer Reviews

This product has been found to be quite handy for home use especially in inflation tasks. The Campbell Hausfeld MP2847 17-Piece Accessory Kit is appreciated mainly because it contains everything that is required for air tools. For the price paid, customers at www.amazon.com got quality and value. Air compressors have a wider field of use with these accessories.

Cons of the Campbell Hausfeld MP2847 17

– It is not an appropriate kit for industrial use. Heavy-duty work may be a bit strenuous for the accessories but it is a great item for home use.


If you have an air compressor, this is an appropriate item for you. It will enable you to enjoy increased efficiency during the use of your tools as well as in inflation. Ensure that you purchase the genuine Campbell Hausfeld MP2847 Accessory Kit to derive maximum benefits

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